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The roller is the working part of the rolling mill. Passing between the rolling rolls, the metal is crimped (the height of the cross-section of the rolled metal decreases) and stretches (increases the length of the rolled product), while acquiring the required shape and dimensions.

Roller consists of:

  • barrels - working part, directly touching the metal and producing its deformation;
  • necks - bearing, mounted on bearings;
  • drive ends - serve for connection to the drive through a coupling or a spindle.

Depending on the type of bearings used, they are tapered (for bearings of liquid friction) or cylindrical (for rolling bearings).

The drive end may have a different cross-section depending on the type of mill and its power: square, club, with two flats, with key grooves, with a slot, with a blade or simply cylindrical.

We can offer you high quality rollers produced by Trans Project Rybicki Sp.J.