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Reducer is the most widely used, complex mechanism used in modern machine building. The basis of his work is the transfer of twisting forces between various types of worm and gear drives, which ensures the rotation of the shaft of the actuator with a given speed and force.

You may just send us parts numbers you need and we will find for the best original or duplicate solution with the most suitable just for you conditions.

There are different types of gearboxes, differing in design and technical characteristics. Here are the main design options:

  • Cylindrical single- or multistage reducers. The main difference is the parallel placement of the input and output shaft axes.
  • Conical and conical-cylindrical gearboxes - shaft axes intersect.
  • Worm gearboxes - the axis of the shafts cross in space.
  • Various combined variants, for example different kinds of worm-cylinder reducers.

We have relationships with manufacturers from Europe and CIS countries and will be glad to help you to get the best solution in this area.