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Foundry equipment

Foundry equipment include machines, tools and devices that are used infoundries and metal casting facilities to execute different functions and requirements. Our company can provide you with all types of foundry that exits on market. Foundry equipment are designed to carry out different tasks more efficiently, reduce the number of workers required for a specific job, and to improve the performance and profits of foundries.

We can aid you to find any equipment with unic features you need.

  • Furnaces for melting metals;
  • Foundry machines;
  • Devices, manipulators and mechanisms for pouring, sensors controlling the manufacturing process of castings, control systems and means for transportation;
  • Installations, machines and complexes for casting;
  • Special casting buckets, etc.

Our most reliable partners in this sphere: Kamag Transporttechnik GmbH & Co, KG and Ormeto Yumz.